Nephthys is a protective Goddess and represents the cycle of death and rebirth.

The duality of her nature means she is often neglected and misunderstood.

Among her titles, Nephthys was known as:

    * Lady of the Body (of the Gods)
    * Dweller within Senu
    * Lady of Heaven
    * Mistress of the Gods
    * Great Goddess, Lady of Life

Associated with funerary rituals throughout ancient Egyptian history
, linked to the powers of darkness and magic and making her a popular Deity with witches and magicians.

The magical powers of Isis and Nephthys were seen as a primary, united force keeping chaos at bay. As part of this indispensable protective dyad, Nephthys was essential to the maintenance of ma'at, or "balance,"

Nephthys was invisible, death, decay, diminution and immobility. She was the darkness to Isis' light. Isis was the day, her twin sister the night.

Nephthys the Egyptian Goddess symbolized the transitional nature of death. In one Egyptian myth she helped Isis collect the scattered limbs of Osiris to reconstitute his body.

 She is often rendered on the head of coffins, as Isis is rendered at the foot, with long wings spread to protect the deceased.