Lamentations of Isis & Nephthys

Aset speaks, she says:
Come to your house, come to your house!
You of On*, come to your house,
Your foes are not!

O good musician, come to your house!
Behold me, I am your beloved sister,
You shall not part from me!

O good youth, come to your house!
Long, long have I not seen you!
My heart mourns you, my eyes seek you,
I search for you to see you!

Shall I not see you, shall I not see you,
Good King, shall I not see you?
It is good to see you, good to see you,
You of On, it is good to see you!

Come to your beloved, come to your beloved!
Wennofer, justified, come to your sister!
Come to your wife, come to your wife,
Weary-hearted, come to your house-mistress!

I am your sister by your mother,
You shall not leave me!
Gods and men look for you,
Weep for you together!

While I can see I call to you,
Weeping to the height of heaven!
But you do not hear my voice,
Though I am your sister whom you loved on earth,
You loved none but me, the sister, the sister!

Nebt-Het speaks, she says:

O good King, come to your house!
Please your heart, all your foes are not!
Your Two Sisters beside you guard your bier,
Call for you in tears!

Turn around on your bier!
See the women, speak to us!
King our lord, drive all pain from our hearts!

Your court of gods and men beholds you,
Show them your face, King our lord!
our faces live by seeing your face!

Let your face not shun our faces!
Our hearts are glad to see you, King!
Our hearts are happy to see you!

I am Nebt-Het, your beloved sister!
Your foe is fallen, he shall not be!
I am with you, your body guard,
For all eternity!

Found in the Book of Going Forth By Day, dated to the Ptolemeian Period in Ancient Egypt