Membership Application

Temple Membership

As a member of the Temple  you will be required to abide by the Temple by-laws and constitution. 

Full membership fee for the Temple  is 20. This is a one off payment for the lifetime of the Temple. Please provide an email address that can be used via paypal for your membership payment or pay now using the payment button below the application form.

Once your application has been approved you will be invited to the various groups, receive a membership certificate and also a certificate for membership of the Outer Court of the Correllian Tradition if you are not already a member.

      • Please be aware that all fees including fees for membership, fees for Temple services and fees for Clergy applications are non refundable.

  • All membesr must abide by the Temple  Constitution and By-laws and the Correllian Traditions Constitution and By-laws.  This includes Article II of the Constitution of the Temple  (please read the full document here) : 
 Section 2.3 - A member remains in good standing by adhering to the rules of the as stated in this Constitution.
 Section 2.4 - A member may be asked to leave the Temple on the basis that they cause disruption and/or defamation to the Temple, or to the Correllian Tradition and/or as
 stated in this Constitution

Lifetime of theTemple of Nephythys membership fee 20

Please make sure you  submit a valid email address in your application

Please be aware that you, as  a member of the Temple of Nephythys which is a Temple of the Correllian Tradition, that you must abide by the Tradition and Temple Constitution and By-laws. 

A copy of the Constitution can be read in the link below:

Temple Constitution & By-laws